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Everyone knows them... that self-absorbed idiot on Myspace or Facebook. The Camera Whore. The one with 10000 pictures of themselves sitting in front of their webcam making a "mysterious" pose, sometimes referred to as the Myspace angle. No one knows what drives this narcissism. Is it an inner insecurity? Or is it a hyper-inflated ego coupled with ones desire to look attractive and enigmatic? The Camera Whore seems perfectly content and confident in their self-indulgance, giving off no signs of insecurity. They can be striking the myspace pose, showing off unimpressive cleavage or their flaccid non-muscular abdomen and still they enjoy the pleasures of their own looks, having fantasies about friendly facebookers or myspace addicts coming across their photos with compliments in hand. Unfortunately for the Camera Whore, most all of the comments on their photos are wise-cracks, like, "Don't pose too hard, you might break the camera," or "This is cute, in a pedophile kind of way." Maybe this negativeness is what drives them to take more and more pictures in hopes of getting one that everyone loves.

I don't know if anyone else has seen this, but what happens when two self-absorbed Camera Whores looking for human connection get together? More pictures, with kissing. Before you get excited, don't. It's quite cookie-cutter actually. The basic pose is closed eyes, closed lips, closed minds. Presumably they are imagining it is a mirror standing infront of them as they snap the picture. They use this kind of self-promotion to show the world, "I can kiss too!" They try to take them in different places with captions like, in my bedroom, on the couch, in the kitchen, ON A BOAT! (cause thats funny). But even with their different "scenery" the kiss is still the same dry, emotionless, narcissistic kiss as always. What's interesting is the few pictures where they aren't kissing, both parties look like they're having a blast *end sarcasm*. The question really is, why would I look at this? The answer, I don't know. It is one of those so-disturbing-but-you-can't-look-away things. And you just have to think, what goes through this persons head and why do they think people care about what it looks like when they kiss? Haha, why do I care enough to write a blog about it? I'm bored. That is my answer for everything.

Now you may ask, how can a self-professed prophet criticize others for narcissism? I have two things to say to that (just so you don't bother). First of all, I am simply describing the inner mind of the Camera Whore. While my words may seem negative or critical that is simply the way you interpret the words, a Camera Whore however would only interpret the words flat-chested and non-muscular as negative as they thrive on self-indulgance and narcissism. Secondly, the name Party Prophet (if you've read the post about it) is an ironic name, well more of a misnomer, as I have no qualities of a prophet, especially in charisma and intellect and also I am not much of a Party type either. And yet, I somehow feel that blogging is the next closest thing to narcissism there is, especially when no one reads your blog. Wow! I just ruined this blog for me. Don't worry next time I'll write about the Facebook Creeper and the Blog Narcissist.

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I don't really know what to write about, because things seem uninteresting to me lately so I'll write about the impending doom that is the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (the movie adaptation). Who knows what will happen in this iteration of the Harry Potter adventure, unless of course you read the book. This is why I will not be attending this matinee or likely any of the following showings in theaters. Despite the fact that I'm a sucker for hype and tend to do whatever the TV and slash or the interwebz tells me to do. I'm not much of a Ad-savvy person. Speaking of ads look there are ads in the sidebar, that I hope don't still say anything about "Sexy Iranian Singles."

Anyway, personally I'd much rather see an original movie concept instead of a story stolen half-assedly from a book. To be totally honest I did not even like the books, they were good entertainment but they definitely don't constitute good literature (not to be a lit-snob). I just think it would be better *Spoiler* if Harry died at the end of the series, but no he sacrifices himself but survives anyway. It would have been a full circle; his parents sacrifice themselves for him and he sacrifices himself for the world. Frankly, I was looking forward to rioting in the streets worldwide at the advent of Harry's death, but JK Rowling was still writing for the children she had started with years earlier as we've apparently not grown up whatsoever. Anyway this week I'd rather see something funny, and clever, and original (there is originality in Hollywood).

As of now I'm looking forward to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (circa 2010) and before you call me a hypocrit, the story follows a completely different tale of Alice's return to Wonderland when she is 17 (no this isn't through the looking glass). Never been done before, therefore more original than HP6. And besides, just think, Lewis Carroll's twisted, satirical mind captured by Tim Burton's creepy, fantastical directing with the Mad Hatter portrayed by the one and only Johnny Depp with Helena Bonham at his side (but not really) as the Queen of Hearts, doesn't it sound amazing? Well at least I think so. But I and everyone else must wait until 2010!!!

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Hailed as the Pride of Pyongyang the Taedonggang beer produced in a North Korean brewery is getting publicity in North Korea today. In a strikingly capitalist move thoroughly communist North Korea has launched a television ad campaign. To be fair it is not your typical Western media advertisement. It looks to have a significantly lower budget than it's western cousins with a style reminiscent of a 1960s Slinky® commercial.

Now I don't speak or read Korean, but it looks to me like the commercial advertises that the beer is locally made and appeals to the worker in North Korea. The advertisement says, "It represents the new look of Pyongyang," and, "It will become a familiar part of our lives." Foreign critics say the beer is of high quality. It is hailed for being produced with fresh and pure ingredients. The beer has also been sold in South Korea.

In recent weeks we have seen nuclear tests, missile test launches and threats from North Korea and retaliation from American and Western nations. As tension builds on both sides, is the DPRK government advertising this beer to keep dissent from brewing in the population? Or is it just a cash-grab for the Dear Leader Kim Jong-il?

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