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i've Learned some things in the past 24 hours. Or at least Realized some things. First i have to address the Tragedy in Japan. A lot of people may dismiss this Disaster because it's happened to an Affluent "Western" Country, the 3rd largest economy in the world; however, it is important to recognize that all Tragedies are Equal despite what standard of living the victims may or may not have had before the Tragedy. All Humanitarian efforts are Worthy causes whether they are in seemingly cursed nations like Haiti or seemingly Utopian nations like Japan.

the second thing i learned was that no war is just. In discussing this topic with someone i consider a Friend we came to a Disagreement. He believed that war could and often was Just and that Pacifism was a naive philosophy. I finally realized the problem with this is that by defining wars as just or unjust we are defining sides and in the process establishing Conflict. By saying that war is just or unjust we separate the world into us and them, when really the people who perpetrate injustice upon others are Humans just like us. In reality, every act of war is an error which reflects upon the Values of all of Humanity. No one can say that Gandhi and King's non-violent Pacifist Activism was naive and served no greater purpose. War is simply not the only way of fighting injustice. War which brings an era of peace and freedom is in reality the exception not the rule.

the other thing i've increasing been coming to terms with is that the vast majority of people will not agree with me, whether by their own intelligent decision or out of apathy. Whether the topic is political, concerning an individual's belief that public debate on the Israel-Palestine issue is important or whether it is a question of appreciating the progressive rock of RUSH or the cult following of Meatloaf or even none of the above (god forbid). The fact is we are impossibly divided even considering that we all strive for the same basic things. Love, shelter, freedom.

today, the Rebel of the Day is a guy named Nick Day, who spoke his mind despite criticism and refused to step back even in the face of overwhelming opposition from those who elected him. It is this level of moral conscience which is desperately needed in our society. And I hope that others can see this and make an intelligent decision to speak out.

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to say the least, this clip is moving. Words can't really describe its worth. In context, this is a clip from the Climax of Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator." The character you see is a Jewish barber who looks much like the dictator of a fictional country called Tomainia, he is asked, his soldiers believing he is the dictator to make a speech denouncing Freedom and praising the supremacy of the state; however... well I'll let the clip speak for itself.

the Hopes and fears we have today are not new, they are at least as Old as Charlie Chaplin and almost certainly older. They are the same Hopes and fears that allowed Emancipation and Suffrage, as well as dictatorship and authoritarianism. Hopefully Chuck here can set the record straight though. For his Speech in "The Great Dictator" Charlie Chaplin gets a posthumus Rebel of the Day award. What will be our path, Progress, Freedom and Generosity, or destruction, enslavement and greed? Or something in between, I don't like dealing in absolutes (that's Sith territory).

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it's the beginning of what looks to be a month of Revolution...
March madness has hit the streets,
more Protesters,
in more countries,
are Marching in the streets than in recent history,
People are sick AND tired everywhere.
Workers and Voters are awakening from their deep slumber,
they're calling Labour the US's sleeping bear,
and recent Protests the beginning of the "People's Party."

In this corner we have the heavy-weight champion,
the brute with noble origins but broken morals The Tea Party!
Challenging is the up-and-coming underdog,
with no corporate-backing whatsoever,
but a long albeit difficult and fractured history...
(building anticipation)

now that i'm done indulging in some sort of strange Free Verse Poetry, i'd just like to say. I hope to begin blogging more frequently again (i feel ridiculous knowing /literally/ no one reads this anyway). But yeah, seems i'm getting caught up in Revolution Fever, and i need to say things. So this is ONE of my outlets, other than facebook and twitter, and non-interweb-based writing.

today, i'll leave you with a Rebel of the Day!!! A long forgotten and all but abandoned tradition on this blog.

as i was riding into town on the Bus today i saw one lone Woman on the side of the road holding up a Picket Sign that read, "International Woman's Day, Solidarity (female symbol) With African Women." This tiny act of Protest, this individual March filled me with Respect, Happiness and Hope.

also, apparently it's the start of lent. This lent i'll be giving up... nothing. At least, not for the sake of lent. It's a Noble idea, but the tradition has lost meaning.

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