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Rise Against, you all know them. Heavy sound, heavy lyrics. Anti-war. Anti-Bush. Genre, Hardcore, Punk Rock, Something Something. Etcetera. Etcetera. You've all heard Hero of War. And here's one of my favourites. Collapse.

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By this time, in two years, will our planet be destroyed? The Maya never really stated for or against. Their mythology would indicate some sort of peril. With the "galactic alignment" mirroring the original "galactic alignment" that occurred at the beginning of days. Their knowledge of astronomy was and remains to be staggering in some cases rivaling our own up to present day. But then again, they never actually indicated that the lords of the underworld would reign their terror on the world, they just indicated that the calendar cycle would end and begin anew. Some theorize that with the growth in popularity of the myth, someone with the actual power to carry out a world-ending deed and the will to destroy the planet will make it happen. A self-fulfilling prophecy. So what should we do. Hope for the best, and continue the calendar.

Mayan Calendar Portal (Interactive Web-based Mayan Calendar)

Movement Musician of the Week: Shad "I Heard You Had A Voice Like An Angel"

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The sub-atomic particles that we are built from will never die
They will not dissipate,
They will not dissolve,
They will not disappear.
Their energy is infinite.
It will last forever.
Billions of years from now,
The energy that once maybe up the beauty of human existence,
The planet Earth,
The Sol System,
The Milky Way Galaxy,
And the once tangible and explorable universe,
Will reach into the depths of space never to form that beauty again.
On this scale our existence seems feeble,
In the grand scheme of time and space.
So why not expand our existence,
Reach for the stars while we can,
Use our remaining resources to make our presence known,
And teach other life that they too must preserve their existence?
Or we can burn out,
Expend our resources without developing the alternatives,
And no species human or otherwise,
Will ever reach from Earth into the final frontier.
Is Earth doomed to failure?
Or merely meekness?
It is human desire to be bigger, better and stronger,
And exploration is second nature.
We have time, but not a lot,
And it is a noble goal, to preserve and propagate.
If we are important, should we not save ourselves,
and ultimately prosper?

Movement Musician of the Week: Shad "Get Up"

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This weeks movement musician, as you may have already realized from my previous post, is Shad. Born in Kenya, of Rwandan parents Shad is a hip hop artist from London, Ontario. His beats are catchy, his lyrics intense and his style hilarious. He's a 30-something year old part-time Liberal Arts student, and lives in his mothers basement. In his most recent album "The Old Prince" he parodies the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in an attempt to portray his unsuccessful Quest for Glory in the hip hop world. Through his lyrics Shad represents modern black activism and attempts to break down youth stereotypes. He is yet another alternative hip hop musician who condemns the "gangster" rap scene and the corporatism of music.

"The Old Prince Still Lives At Home"
PS This is my 50th Post Hurrah!

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Its 1 am, the party has died down, some people are sleeping others are on an adventure to Subway™. I am sitting in someone's bedroom writing this blog. I have proven myself once again to be a deserted diviner. I was unable to make disciples of the drunk. Though I have forged new connections. The Party Prophet. The Deserted Diviner. The Lame Leader. I'll have my time.

Movement Musician of the Week: Shad "Brother (Watching)"

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Its a Thursday evening. I had an exam today, one of the few people of my age to have exams before the holidays. Its relieving though, partly because the exam was easier then any exam/test/quiz I've ever taken (and I'm not particularly good at data management in the first place), and partly because I tend to forget everything I've learned all semester over the holidays, making the mad scramble to study that much more stressful. It makes me wish more of my classes had pre-holiday exams. Now I can focus on matters more important, like, essays... Great, an essay on peak oil. Sure I could write infinitely on the subject of peak oil, but that's just the problem, I can't make a short concise argument about it. Its just such a broad subject with too many ifs. But I'm almost done, after that I can focus on stuff, making solstice (Christmas) gifts, piano-ing, mandolin-ing, paint-ing (in theory), blog-ing, cartoon-ing... list too long, does not compute.

Today is the Islamic New Year, Republic Day in Niger, State of Qatar National Day and New Jersey Day(if anyone cares :P)

Movement Musician of the Week: Johnny Clegg & Savuka "I Call Your Name"

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Fifty years from now they'll look back and call this the Age of Stupid. Looking at all us consumers and followers. We don't know where our food comes from. We don't know the impacts of our actions on the world. And most importantly we don't realize we can make a difference. Even in the Age of Stupid we are the Architects of the Future, how will we build the future? Hopefully in a way that our descendants won't label us stupid.

Movies: Age of Stupid, Food Inc. Check them out.

Movement Musician of the Week: Johnny Clegg & Savuka "One (Hu)' Man One Vote"
PS its Reconciliation Day in South Africa

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Combating climate change is impossible.
Ending our dependence on oil is impossible.
Stopping racism through mutual understanding is impossible.
Ending and preventing war, is impossible.
Giving everyone equal opportunity is impossible.
Peace and happiness, is impossible.

No, I'll tell you what's impossible.

Sailing to Neptune in a Sailboat made of Meringue.

Movement Musician of the Week: Johnny Clegg and Savuka "Human Rainbow"

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It'd be swell if some abercrombie scientist would bring back the 30s. Those cool cats would dig the way we live. What with the economy all wet. No one's got any bacon but those crumb grifters selling cadillacs and hooch. We don't even have enough tin to fill up the tin can. I'm just a joe. I'm beat, don't got a single five spot or sawbuck to my name. Or even a snazzy horn like all my pals. But all a twit like me really needs is a sweet broad to bumpgums with, a canary singing music into my tin ears.

Swell Musician of the Week (For all you cats and alligators): Johnny Clegg and Savuka "Scatterlings of Africa" (Excuse my French)

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This weeks movement musician is Johnny Clegg and Savuka. Johnny Clegg and Savuka was a South African band active during the 80s. A band of mixed European and Zulu ethnicity they fought against racism in South Africa and the apartheid which separated whites and blacks. During the apartheid they were even at risk of being prosecuted for their interracial band. Their unique sound was influenced by Jazz, Rock, African and even Celtic music. In songs such as Asimbonanga, they incorporated English and Zulu lyrics to get their multicultural and political message across. Causes they fought for included, universal suffrage, multiculturalism, desegregation and liberating Nelson Mandela from prison. This weeks movement musician is fitting because this coming Wednesday is Reconciliation Day in South Africa. This is a day celebrating the end of the apartheid and encouraging forgiveness and national unity between the different ethnic groups that make up South Africa. Because of activists like Johnny Clegg and Savuka, South Africa is a freer and arguably more united country today.

Asimbonanga (We have not seen him) is a song protesting Nelson Mandela's imprisonment on Robbin Island.

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They call us consumers.
But why?
We are people.
We are human.
We have thoughts and emotions,
Words to speak and feelings to act on.
We hold beliefs, and ideals,
loves, hates,
wants and needs.
So, let's call that a person,
Sounds good right?
Vague, but good.
So why do they call us consumers?
We are numbers to them,
We are money,
Living ads and banners,
Branding perfected.
So what's better?
Or are they just different,
Is happiness freedom?
Is truth freedom?
Does freedom matter?
I'm a person,
And at times a consumer.
They control my mind in one way or another,
But aren't I still free?
How does one free their mind?
Is it worth the sacrifice?
Is it truly fulfilling?
Would I still be a puppet?

Movement Musician of the Week: Rage Against the Machine "Bullet in Your Head"

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Big oil has finally done it. Through lies and smear campaigns they've cast enough doubt over man-made climate change to send the quasi-medieval Saudi Arabia into Copenhagen screaming. This leaves oil-drenched nations everywhere breathing a sigh of relief that they don't have to put their reputation on the line by blocking climate talks, the Arabs are taking the bullet. What is our responsibility as citizens of the planet? With a new climate deal being negotiated this week it is important that we all do our part.
Here's some important links:
Seal the Deal: Petition for Fair Climate Talks (Earth Mosaic)
Hopenhagen (Messages of Hope)
Show Your Vote (Have your say at Copenhagen)
Official COP15 Website (For more information and neat links)

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The Deserted Diviner speaks his daily news, in hopes that excited ears will heed his words. He knows however, that no one hears his discordant drivel. His audience is deaf dumb and blind to his doctrine, drowned out by the myriad voices of capital. Focused solely on the technological teats before them, devouring their propaganda potions. How can he wake them from their apathy? Better yet, should he? He long ago chose the song of truth and beauty, knowing full well the horror and despair that played the atrocious accompaniment, but his foolish followers reached out for the hypnotic, to avoid the pain. He doubts himself, why not take the drug, with its false felicity? He would not know the difference. He can't give in though, for verity can bring about vivacity, and the other course, however simple, is ignoble. The Deserted Diviner waits on a world trapped in a trance.

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New Bullet!

New Header!

And New Banner!

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You're probably familiar with Rage Against the Machine. You've heard Killing in the Name, you've heard Bombtrack. You're familiar with their unconventional sound and their politically motivated lyrics. RAtM wrote their music in the turbulent 90s. Through Zack de la Rocha and his lyrics against police brutality, war, torture and neo-liberal government, RAtM carved out a niche in the worldwide music scene. Through songs like "People of the Sun" (featuring Tom Morello playing his guitar by rubbing an Allan key against the G string) RAtM supports the National Zapatista Liberation Army (EZLN) in Mexico, a leftist anarchist guerrilla group dedicated to autonomy of the indigenous peoples of Oaxaca. True movement musicians they stuck to their mores and became famous, or in some circles infamous, for the message they preached to the youth of the world. Unfortunately they broke up in 2000 at the beginning of one of the most controversial American regimes to date, but in 2007 they got back together to see off George W. Bush. Is new music on the horizon? Sources vary. So here's to the RAtM, the renegades, the EZLN, the Mexica and the Maya.

Movement Musician of the Week: Rage Against the Machine "People of the Sun"

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