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Alright, let's get serious for a second. You've seen the toilet paper ads. They've been up for at the very least a year by now filling us with dread about leaving little white pieces on our backsides.

Now, I understand that some couples like to play around the nether-regions of the human body, and it's altogether likely that the average couple will occasionally at least accidentally encounter the white-piece-covered sphincter in question. Still, I don't think this warrants an entire long-winded advertising campaign praising the fact that a particular kind of toilet paper doesn't stick to your behind.

Even if the above were reason enough for this ridiculousness, the campaign doesn't seem to appeal to adults, with the latest having a mother(bear) inspect her son (of at least school age) for little white pieces before he goes out to play. AH! I've got it! All along they were advertising to the fringe market of nudist colonies, who are apparently huge buyers of hygiene products.

Anyway, all kidding aside, it's kind of odd how effective this campaign must be to still be torturing me daily with it's absurdity. I always thought that most people's buttholes would be out of sight and out of mind as soon as they stood up from the porcelain. It seems as though some folks, with their reader's digest and slightly heated cushiony toilet seats have all-together too much time to worry about the perfection of a part of their body few will ever see.

Thank you for indulging me, this has been bothering me as long as these ads have been on the air.


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